About NewSouth Books


NewSouth Books is an Australian general and specialist sales, marketing and distribution force. NewSouth Books is wholly owned by UNSW Press Ltd. NewSouth Books represents agencies from Australasia, the USA, Canada, and the UK. A list of agencies, can be found here.

Sales and Marketing 

An experienced team of sales representatives handles sales into bookshops, library suppliers, school suppliers, wholesalers and bookclubs on a monthy call cycle. 

The NewSouth Books marketing team offers a set of marketing services for all agencies. Order forms and sales kits for the trade and library suppliers are generated monthly from provided materials. Title files are prepared and uploaded for Title Page, Bookfind and bookseller databases. 

Agencies that do not have any Australian marketing or publicity will be able to additionally utilise the services of our publicist for local promotions. All agencies can participate in direct mailing lists for specific subject groups, which are done several times a year. 

Distribution and Customer Service

NewSouth Books distributes from TL Distribution centre in the Sydney suburb of Moorebank. Our centralised distribution operation consolidates air and sea shipments from our agencies and handles distribution to more than 1500 credit accounts Australia wide. 

Our customer service staff take orders by mail, fax, phone and email, and operate credit card facilities for non-account customers.