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Hacks for Minecrafters: Mods: The Unofficial Guide to Tips and Tricks That Other Guides Won't Teach You Megan Miller

Paperback (Trade paperback US) | Aug 2019 | Sky Pony Press | 9781510741089 | 128pp | 203x127mm | GEN | AUD$14.99, NZD$18.99

From the author of Hacks for Minecrafters comes the updated guide to the latest mods released for 1.12! If you want to be the best at Minecraft, you've got to read up on the latest tricks. This book is packed with full-color screenshots showing the newest, coolest mods available in Minecraft. Minecraft was designed to allow other people to modify it. And while there are several successful game guides on the market already, this book is the first "unofficial hacker's" super-guide dedicated to adding mods (modifications) to your Minecraft game. Mods add content to the game to alter gameplay, changing the creative feel of the game or giving the players more options for how they interact within the Minecraft world. Mods can make your game run faster, they can add new mobs, mechanics, and quests, and even entirely new dimensions to play in. Hacks for Minecrafters: Mods explores a full range of modifications, including: Installing mods Must-have mods Mods o' magic Tech mods Playing with modpacks Change the rules of your world with each mod you add-anything is fair game! This book explores today's range of modded Minecraft play, from the must-haves to the fanciful. Written for seven- to twelve-year-old Minecrafters and packed with over one hundred colorful screenshots, this is the ultimate guide on Minecraft mods. Keep your game new and exciting with all these expert tips and tricks.