September 2016 Fiction & Entertainment Birlinn

Lie of the Land Michael F. Russell

Lie of the Land
Michael F. Russell

Paperback | New edition | Sep 2016 | Polygon | 9781846973604 | 304pp | 198x129mm | GEN

For investigative journalist Carl Shewan, the Scottish coastal village of Inverlair is a picturesque cage. Imprisoned in this remote refuge by a technological catastrophe for which he feels partly responsible, Carl struggles to adapt to impending fatherhood and to a harsh new existence in an ancient landscape, until a childless gamekeeper offers him an alternative to guilt and alienation. Set in the near future, Lie of the Land examines the claustrophobia of small-town life and questions how far the state will go to preserve an orderly society, one in which ubiquitous surveillance has reduced human life to a virtual experience.