October 2018 Non-Fiction Self-Help

Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark: Breaking Free from the Hidden Forces That Drive You Robert Augustus Masters, foreword by Lissa Rankin

Our shadow is the part of ourselves that holds the feelings, beliefs, and behavioral patterns that we are most ashamed of or that we cannot accept about ourselves. And the degree to which we’re unconscious of our shadow is the degree to which it influences and controls us.

Based upon Robert Augustus Masters’s decades of reflection and experience as a therapist and psychospiritual guide, this definitive offering helps us to understand and skillfully work with the rich yet neglected shadow dimensions of who we are. 

With depth and clarity, Masters illuminates the process of welcoming our shadow elements in a safe way—to catalyze a more complete and healthy experience of who we are.

Foreword by Lissa Rankin, MD, bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure.