October 2017 Academic & Specialist Souvenir Press

Horse Gaits, Balance, and Movement Susan E. Harris

Based on decades of practical experience, as well as classic horsemanship theory, this book will teach anyone (from novices to experienced riders) the essentials of a horse’s structure, natural balance and way of moving. All horses—whether a dressage horse or a hunter—have the same anatomy, locomotion and nature. Understanding horse movement makes training, and riding, simpler and less frustrating for both horse and rider, as well as helping the health of the horse. This is an exhaustive guide to: Find out how balance and conformation affect movement. View flexion, bending and lateral movements. See the impact of shoeing and riding on movement. Discover practical tips to improve your horse's movement.

'Hailed as a classic...Susan Harris draws on over 40 years of practical experience as well as her in-depth knowledge of classic horsemanship theory...it is a book that everyone should have on their shelves. It gives some fantastic advice which accompanies an array of colourful illustrations.' - Northern Horse