October 2016 Children's & Young Adult Sourcebooks


The Siege Mark Alpert


The Siege
Mark Alpert

Ages 12 to 17 years

In the thrilling sequel to The Six, Sigma is after more than world domination

Adam and the other members of the Pioneer Project are still recovering from their last encounter with Sigma, an artificial intelligence program that's gone rogue, and the loss of one of their own. But they don't stay a team of five for long. Amber, a new Pioneer, joins the Six, and her presence recasts alliances among the superhuman teens. As the Six become increasingly skilled and intelligent, Sigma is determined to understand the human attributes that make them excel. Because the AI doesn't just want world domination. It wants to destroy Adam – and after that, all of humanity. And he's going after the ultimate conquest: corrupting the Six from the inside.