November 2017 Children's and YA Sourcebooks

My Friend Moe Jennifer Sattler

My Friend Moe
Jennifer Sattler

Ages 2 to 4 years

An endearing, unforgettable story that helps children realize you don't have to be exactly alike to be best friends. "In some ways we're different. I'm big and Moe's little. I can hula hoop. He just stands in the middle." So begins this charming book, filled with endearing illustrations and funny text, about two very different characters. A guinea pig and his friend, Moe, have lots of traits that make them stand out. Most of the time, they aren't alike at all, but it's those differences that make them such great friends. Children will love seeing that true friends can be delighted by people who aren't just like them...except in all the ways that really matter.