November 2017 Children's and YA Lead Titles

M is for Mutiny!: History by Alphabet John Dickson, illustrated by Bern Emmerichs

M is for Mutiny!: History by Alphabet
John Dickson, illustrated by Bern Emmerichs

Age range 7+

In the late 18th century, ragtag groups of Europeans started to arrive in Australia. Most were convicts, some were soldiers, a few had just run out of choices. They blundered onto an ancient land that had been peopled for 60,000 years. They wanted to make it just like home. They cleared the land, they fenced it, they paved it, and they put buildings on it. All the while, the country’s first peoples watched on, bewildered by these clumsy immigrants and their mysterious ways…

M is for Mutiny! History by Alphabet is a taste of the intriguing history of Australia and the many entry points for children to explore further. Why did Sir Joseph Banks hate bananas? Did anyone like William Bligh? Where is Yemmerrawanne?

Shortlisted for The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) 2018 Eve Pownall Award  

M is for Mutiny! is included in SMH/Age best books for 2017 

Teachers' notes available here

“M is for Mutiny is a breath of historical fresh air that informs and entertains. This book is a perfectly child-friendly exploration and explanation of Australian settlement, often funny yet factual and accessible. It is beautifully illustrated, and written with an historian’s sense of balance and a writer’s sense of bravery. It presents an alphabetical over-view that favours neither black nor white in any sense of those words, and leaves much to the imagination of the reader inspired by word and picture.” ~ Dave Metzenthen

"...richly captures the excitement and narrative of some of our most important historical episodes. This is a vibrant alphabet that will whet the appetite for more exploring and research for children." ~ Alexa Dretzke, Readings Hawthorne