May 2021 Academic CSIRO

Ecoagriculture for a Sustainable Food Future Nicole Y Chalmer

Paperback | May 2021 | CSIRO Publishing | 9781486313419 | 192pp | 245x170mm | RFB | AUD$69.99, NZD$79.99

Global food security is dependent on ecologically viable production systems, but current agricultural practices are often at odds with environmental sustainability. Resolving this disparity is a huge task, but there is much that can be learned from traditional food production systems that persisted for thousands of years.

Ecoagriculture for a Sustainable Food Future describes the ecological history of food production systems in Australia, showing how Aboriginal food systems collapsed when European farming methods were imposed on bushlands. The industrialised agricultural systems that are now prevalent across the world require constant input of finite resources, and continue to cause destructive environmental change.

This book explores the damage that has arisen from farming systems unsuited to their environment, and presents compelling evidence that producing food is an ecological process that needs to be rethought in order to ensure resilient food production into the future.

Cultural sensitivity warning

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