March 2021 Academic & Specialist Sourcebooks

The Relationship of Affect and Creativity in Mathematics: How the Five Legs of Creativity Influence Math Talent Scott Chamberlin, Eric Mann

 The Relationship of Affect and Creativity in Mathematics explores the Five Legs of Creativity — iconoclasm, impartiality, investment, intuition, and inquisitiveness — as they relate to mathematical giftedness. 

The authors discuss these affective components relevant to mathematical learning experiences and how they impact students' creative processes and products. The Five Legs of Creativity may be influenced by learning facilitators, including teachers, after-school mentors, and parents. Facilitating environments that effectively engage students in these affective processes may enhance the likelihood that creative process and ultimately product emerge. The authors also utilise the expertise of two young scholars to discuss the practical effects of affect and creativity in learning experiences. This practical, research-based book is a must-read for stakeholders in gifted education, as many advanced students are under-identified in the area of creativity in mathematics.