March 2020 Children's & YA Magabala Books

Brother Moon Maree McCarthy Yoelu, illustrated by Samantha Fry

Brother Moon
Maree McCarthy Yoelu, illustrated by Samantha Fry

Hardback | Mar 2020 | Magabala Books | 9781925936827 | 32pp | 260x250mm | GEN | AUD$27.99, NZD$32.99

*Shortlisted for the 2021 Environment Award for Children's Literature: Picture Fiction*

Great-Grandpa Liman lives in a small house by the sea. There are no lights — just stars as far as the eye can see.

Brother Moon is a powerful story lovingly told by a great-grandfather to his great-grandson. Beneath the dark sky of the Northern Territory, Hippy-Boy is captivated when Great-Grandpa Liman tells him the mysterious story of his brother and how it guides his connection to Country.

Great-Grandpa is a masterful storyteller and, as the tale unfolds, he finally reveals his brother is the moon — a wonder of the universe. Hippy-Boy learns how his greatgrandfather uses the phases of the moon when he goes hunting and fishing, and why it is important for us all to have an understanding of the natural world.

Liman (Harry Morgan), the author's grandfather, was a respected Wadjigany man — a leader amongst his people and the community. Liman was born at Manjimamany in the Northern Territory in 1916. He was a canoe maker, hunter, community mediator, and a family man who lived off the land and travelled the seas. Liman spoke Batjamalh, his first language, and other languages from the Daly River area.

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