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Lucky Cowboys

One Lucky Cowboy Carolyn Brown

Lucky Cowboys

One Lucky Cowboy
Carolyn Brown


Hunky rancher Slade Luckadeau is sure that Miss Jane Day is nothing but a con out to fleece his sweet old grandma. She's been staying on his grandma's ranch for a few weeks, and he's done everything he can to catch her red-handed. When his intimidation methods don't work, he turns on the charm to get her to spill the beans…

Jane is on the run from her vicious ex-husband. The Luckadeau ranch seems like the perfect place to lay low, if only the sexy Slade would give her a little breathing room. As time passes, Jane really starts to fall in love with the entire family—Slade included. But when her ex finally shows up, she has to tell-all to Slade and hope he cuts her a lucky break and has it in his heart to forgive her…