June 2020 Children's & Young Adult General Titles

The Magical Silkworm: A Story about a Birthday Gift Told in English and Chinese Xin Lin, translated by Yinin Wert, Yijin Wert

Hardback (B501) | Jun 2020 | Shanghai Press | 9781602204614 | 42pp | 228x234mm | GEN | AUD$24.99

Age range 3 - 9

A touching story of finding beauty and joy in unexpected places. 

Xiao Mo is celebrating her birthday with friends and family when she opens the gift her parents gave her. Little Xiao Mo is immediately disappointed when she opens the box to find ugly, caterpillar-like creatures squirming around. Although her parents try to explain that they are silkworms who can produce beautiful things, Xiao Mo refuses to listen. 

Her friends try to cheer her up with an ensuing adventure in the woods — which involves magic mulberry trees, a mysterious trap and a chance encounter with some silkworms — during which Xiao Mo realizes that she completely underestimated the gift her parents had so thoughtfully given to her. 

Feeling grateful for her gift and the incredible skills of the little silkworms, Xiao Mo quickly realizes that they are actually the best birthday gift she has ever received.