June 2020 Academic & Specialist Sourcebooks

Interest-Based Learning Coach: A Step-by-Step Playbook for Genius Hour, Passion Projects, and Makerspaces in School Jeanne H. Purcell, Deborah E. Burns, Wellesley H. Purcell

Many educators appreciate the value of interest-based learning, but struggle with the management and facilitation of individual and small-group projects in a limited space and time allocation. 

This easy-to-read guide: Features a step-by-step plan for managing Genius Hour, passion projects, Makerspaces, and more. Includes time-saving planning templates, checklists, and charts. Supports students' intrinsic motivation for learning, agency, voice, and problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Provides a systematic and practical approach to interest-based learning. Can be implemented and adapted by an individual teacher, department, or team. Chapters also include techniques for helping students identify their interests, frame their goals and questions, create project plans and timelines, self-assess their progress, and share their work with real-world audiences.