June 2019 Academic & Specialist Birlinn

Moder Dy: Polygon New Poets Roseanne Watt

Paperback (B-format paperback UK (198x129mm)) | Jul 2019 | Polygon | 9781846974878 | 64pp | 195x130mm | RFB | AUD$22.99, NZD$27.99

'The old Shetland fishermen still speak with something like reverence of the forgotten art of steering by the moder dy (mother wave), the name given to an underswell which it is said always travels in the direction of home'

Written in English, interspersed with Shetlandic dialect throughout, this eagerly awaited debut collection from Shetland poet Roseanne Watt contains profound, assured and wilfully spare poems that are built from the sight, sound and heartbeat of the land as much as from the sea. In rigorously controlled, concise, and vivid language Watt offers glimpses of the landscape alongside which we find the most complex and mysterious of human experiences.