June 2017 Non-fiction ACER Press

Ready, set, learn!: Helping your child with autism prepare to start school Anna Moffat, Robyn Young

How prepared a child is to start school is an important predictor of overall schooling success. Often, children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) require additional support to ensure that they have the necessary social, academic and emotional skills to enable a smooth transition into school life. This resource is designed to boost parent confidence in their ability to provide their child with foundational skills relevant to schooling, without spending large amounts of money and without huge time commitments. It also provides early years educators with a framework to help increase school readiness in the children with ASD in their care.

Underpinned by a strong theoretical framework, this program is designed to be managed and implemented by those with limited specific training. The comprehensive resource sections provide practical and user-friendly ideas and activities for both parents and educators. Suggestions are also given to encourage communication between parents and educators. This cooperation is an additional way to ensure consistency across the child's environments, and to further enhance schooling success.