June 2017 Academic & Specialist Birlinn

The Reivers: The Story of the Border Reivers Alistair Moffat

Paperback | New edition | Jun 2017 | Birlinn | 9781780274454 | 336pp | 195x130mm | RFB | AUD$22.99, NZD$27.99

As a consequence of near-constant conflict between England and Scotland from the early fourteenth century to the end of the sixteenth, Borderers suffered at the hands of marauding armies, who ravaged the land, destroying crops, slaughtering cattle, burning settlements and killing indiscriminately. Many Borderers took to reiving to ensure the survival of their families and communities, and for the best part of 300 years, countless raiding parties made their way over the border. The story of the Reivers is one of survival, stealth, treachery, ingenuity and deceit, expertly brought to life in Alistair Moffat's acclaimed book.