July 2023 Non-Fiction Backlist Highlights

Weed Forager's Handbook: A Guide to Edible and Medicinal Weeds in Australia Adam Grubb, Annie Raser-Rowland

Paperback | Oct 2012 | CSIRO Publishing | 9781864471212 | 166pp | 166x175mm | GEN | AUD$21.95, NZD$24.99

Step into the world of our least admired botanical companions. Peel back the layers of prejudice and discover the finer side of the plants we call weeds. An astonishing number are either edible or medicinal, and have deep and sometimes bizarre connections to human history.

With chapters on:

  • Appreciating Weeds
  • Top-20 Edible and Medicinal Weeds
  • Other Weeds
  • Weedy Recipes
  • Weeds in the Garden
  • Resources