July 2020 Combined Fiction - UWAP Poetry

Recipe for Risotto Josephine Clarke

Recipe for Risotto
Josephine Clarke

Paperback | Jul 2020 | UWA Publishing | 9781760801458 | 100pp | 210x140mm | GEN | AUD$22.99, NZD$27.99

'Josephine Clarke's poems shimmer with everyday grace: moments in ordinary lives, celebrated with compassion and photographic vividness.  From ancestral Italy, via the Karri forests, farms and small towns of southern WA to contemporary Perth, they record a transplanting of culture and acknowledge the importance of remembering who we are and where we've grown from. Rich with delights and griefs of several generations, as well as sometimes wry, sometimes exquisite observations of landscapes, birds, suburban gardening … social change and Instagram … this is a collection to treasure: a family history in indelible ink that is a joy to read, intensely moving and universally recognizable.' -- Jean Kent