January 2018 Non-Fiction Berkeley Books

Tuttle Pocket Mandarin Chinese Dictionary: English-Chinese Chinese-English (Fully Romanized) Li Dong

Paperback | Mar 2018 | Tuttle Publishing | 9780804848459 | 640pp | 114x76mm | GEN | AUD$16.99

The Tuttle Pocket Mandarin Chinese Dictionary is the most up-to-date Chinese-English/English Chinese dictionary available today. It contains a comprehensive range of contemporary Chinese words and expressions including IT and social media terms.

This dictionary is specifically designed to meet the needs of English speakers who use Chinese on a daily basis. It contains over 20,000 entries including all vocabulary in common, everyday use today. This dictionary is fully Romanised and the Chinese English section is organised alphabetically. Romanised pinyin forms are given for all Chinese words and expressions.

• Bidirectional English-Chinese and Chinese-English sections

• Headwords printed in bold for quick and easy reference

• Latest computer, mobile phone, Internet, and social media terms

• A basic overview of grammar and pronunciation

• Chinese words given in Romanised form for easy pronunciation

• Specifically designed for English speakers

• Comprehensive and up-to-date with over 20,000 entries

• The ideal dictionary for students, travellers, and business people.