January 2017 Non-fiction Sourcebooks

Brand Buzz: 3 Breakthrough Secrets for Building a Winning Brand Adrienne Weiss, Gregory Weiss

Adrienne and Greg take you through the 3 rules they have uncovered through their career in the branding industry: storytelling, club making, and country building.

1) Storytelling: no one will care what your product is if you don't sell them why it is, who you are, and how this will change their lives for the better.

2) Clubmaking: creating an exclusive, just for you feel to your brand will make consumers crave to be a part of the magic.

3) Country Building: once you've established yourself as a product people need and want to be a part of, make your company one that is fun to be a part of! Establish a voice for your brand, cohesive marketing, and fun details.

"Competition is ever-present so staying ahead of the curve and being trend-right is so important. Responding to fashion, colours and technology is a must for companies that want to stay relevant to today's consumer. There is so much noise and distraction these days, it is critical for a brand to have a clear vision and engaging voice that cuts through the clutter."

Adrienne Weiss is the principle of the Adrienne Weiss Corporation (AWC) and has been called "the high priestess of pop marketing." Since 1986, AWC has developed award-winning brand strategies for companies in many industries – food and beverage, retail, consumer products, convenience stores, real estate developments, sports stadiums and entertainment concepts. From Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Build-A-Bear to Target Stores, Five Below and Disney, Adrienne and her team create and reimagine brands that impact businesses all over the globe.