December 2020 Academic & Specialist Sourcebooks

Understanding Twice-Exceptional Learners: Connecting Research to Practice C. Fugate, Wendy A. Behrens, Cecelia Boswell

Understanding Twice-Exceptional Learners offers an in-depth look at the needs and lived experiences of students who are twice-exceptional. 

This book: 

  • Includes detailed examinations of co-occurring disabilities commonly found in twice-exceptional populations
  • Features studies of ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), anxiety, OCD, and more
  • Bridges the divide between research about and practical strategies for teaching gifted students with learning challenges
  • Is Ideal for university teacher preparation courses and graduate programs
  • Provides strength-based strategies that focus on students' unique gifts and talents

Each chapter includes a comprehensive literature review, suggested interventions, resources for further exploration, and vignettes that highlight experiences of twice-exceptional students and the behaviors and needs that practitioners might commonly see in the classroom.