December 2018 Non-Fiction Berkeley Books

Japanese Kanji Fast Finder: Find the Character you Need in a Single Step! Laurence Matthews

Paperback | Dec 2018 | Tuttle Publishing | 9784805314456 | 144pp | 228x152mm | GEN | AUD$19.99

Anyone studying Kanji has wished for a reference that would enable them to look up a character by its shape alone. Now, Japanese Kanji Fast Finder delivers precisely that: a study aid that lets users look up Japanese Kanji quickly and intuitively, without having to know their reading, radical or stroke count, and without having to learn yet another system. This easy-to-use reference book has been designed for dedicated learners of Japanese who know some Kanji, as well as general readers with interest in the written Japanese language.

Japanese Kanji Fast Finder features:

  • A thumb-index that allows for rapid access to any of the Kanji characters by their shapes
  • Large fonts and an easy-to-read layout to facilitate rapid scanning
  • Pronunciations and core English meanings at a glance
  • All 1,945 General Use Kanji as prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education
  • Comprehensive information for each Kanji, with the following: the core English meaning, ON(Chinese-derived) and KUN (native Japanese) readings, stroke count, and radical