December 2017 Non-fiction Birlinn

Moscow Calling: Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent Angus Roxburgh

Paperback (B-format paperback UK (198x129mm)) | May 2021 | Birlinn | 368pp | 196x130mm | GEN
Hardback | Dec 2017 | Birlinn | 9781780274928 | 368pp | 234x156mm | GEN

In the course of the past 45 years, Angus Roxburgh has translated Tolstoy, met three successive Russian presidents and been jinxed by a Siberian shaman. He has come under fire in war zones and been arrested by Chechen thugs. He was wooed by the KGB, who then decided he would make a lousy spy and expelled him from the country. In Moscow Calling Roxburgh presents his Russia - not the Russia of news reports, but a quirky, crazy, exasperating, beautiful, tumultuous world that in forty years has changed completely, and yet not at all. From the dark, fearful days of communism and his adventures as a correspondent as the Soviet Union collapsed into chaos, to his frustrating work as a media consultant in Putin's Kremlin, this is a unique, fascinating and often hilarious insight into a country that today, more than ever, is of global political significance.