December 2016 Non-Fiction Sourcebooks

The Marriage Dictionary: The Unofficial, True Meaning of "I Do" Tom Carey

Words take on different meanings when you're married - learn the lingo with this uproariously funny lexicon of marital vocab! 

On the day you say, "I do," commonplace words take on different meanings you won't find in any old dictionary. The Marriage Dictionary puts into words what every married person has thought before but wouldn't dare say out loud. Whether you're a fresh-faced newlywed or a marriage pro, you'll enjoy this hilarious look at what marriage really means. 

Definitions include: 

Athlete's foot: The only part of your husband that is still truly athletic.

Bra: Decoration draped by your wife over the shower curtain rod in the bathroom. (See Pantyhose.) 

Off-white: The colour of the dress your mother-in-law suggests you ought to be wearing at your wedding.