December 2016 Non-Fiction NBN

The Myth of Poker Talent: why anyone can be a great poker player Alexander Fitzgerald

Alex has discovered what makes a winning poker player and here's the good has nothing to do with poker talent! 

The Myth of Poker Talent is a unique book and is the culmination of renowned poker trainer Alex Fitzgerald's work with over 1000 students over a 10 year period. If you want to excel at the game you'll need to buy this book, study Alex's method and work hard - but you don't need talent. Alex's method focuses on understanding generic poker situations and not specific hands. As a highly experienced teacher, he expresses his ideas in simple, easy-to-understand language. 

The Myth of Poker Talent will teach you a model of poker built from scratch, give you an understanding of every poker tool, and show you why much of what experienced players think they know is actually wrong - and much more.