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6x20: From Below to Above: From Below to Above Photographer Max Leitner

Hardback (B304) | Jul 2024 | Trope Publishing | 9781732693647 | 208pp | 305x241mm | GEN | AUD$105.00, NZD$125.00

6x20: From Below to Above takes viewers on a dizzying vertical journey, an urban exploration from deep underground to high above the skyline with adventure photographer Max Leitner. 

"Photography is such a complex occupation that `shooting' is not the best way to describe it. It was only when I started seeing and understanding what makes a bad photograph that I took a true interest in making the best image that I could. Personal satisfaction is the biggest motivator for me to pursue the best light and composition to capture the ideal image." ~ Max Leitner Max Leitner, a prolific young travel photographer from Stuttgart, Germany, has journeyed through every continent in this world. Max is also what could be described as a "vertical explorer," from shooting in abandoned underground mines to capturing the highest peaks of Europe from a helicopter. 6x20: From Below to Above compiles his travel images into six chapters of 20 images each, organized by altitude: from the underground to street level, to buildings, to rooftops, to drones and helicopters. While he shoots for brands such as Nikon, BMW, Husqvarna and Huawei, Max often approaches his personal work as a fine artist, shooting with DSLR and medium format cameras.