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The Sketchbook of Loish: Art in progress Lois van Baarle, edited by 3dtotal Publishing

The Sketchbook of Loish: Art in progress
Lois van Baarle, edited by 3dtotal Publishing

Hardback (B402) | Apr 2018 | 3DTotal Publishing | 9781909414549 | 152pp | 255x255mm | GEN | AUD$59.99, NZD$72.99

Following the enormous success of her first art book, Loish returns with an inspiring book dedicated to her beautiful sketches. 

The Sketchbook of Loish
offers readers a unique look into Loish's creative processes and idea generation, providing an insight into the role her sketches play in her extremely popular work. Peek inside Loish's sketchbook and discover how she explores gesture, stylisation, and sketching for animation. Learn the different techniques she uses when sketching with traditional and digital tools, and follow the book's two detailed tutorials on character construction and sketching digitally to improve your own processes. 

The book also features handy quick tips for capturing movement, using different line weights, shading, and using textured brushes. Including an insight into Loish's character sketching, development sketches, landscape, and reference studies this book will show you how Loish captures the spirit of her finished artworks in her exquisite preliminary work. In addition to showcasing a comprehensive collection of Loish's sketches, this book features exclusive artwork, and a special chapter exploring Loish's personal concepts to give an in-depth look at how her initial ideas evolve through sketches to culminate in her accomplished concept designs. A truly inspiring and informative book with a high-quality finish and slipcase, The Sketchbook of Loish will have you itching to get sketching!