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The Art of Photography: A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression Bruce Barnbaum

Paperback (Trade paperback US) | 2nd Edition | Apr 2017 | Rocky Nook | 9781681982106 | 408pp | 254x254mm | GEN | AUD$69.99, NZD$79.99

Originally published in 1994 and first revised in 2010, The Art of Photography has sold well over 100,000 copies and has firmly established itself as the most readable, understandable, and complete textbook on photography. Featuring nearly 200 beautiful photographs in both black-and-white and color, as well as numerous charts, graphs, and tables, this book presents the world of photography to beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers who seek to make a personal statement through the medium of photography. Renowned photographer, teacher, and author Bruce Barnbaum presents how-to techniques for both traditional and digital approaches. Barnbaum goes well beyond the technical, as he delves deeply into the philosophical, expressive, and creative aspects of photography so often avoided in other books.