Vanishing Asia: Three Volume Set: West, Central, and East
Created by Kevin Kelly

Big book (B315) | Dec 2022 | Cool Tools Lab | 9781940689067 | 1080pp | 419x279mm | FIR | AUD$450.00, NZD$500.00

This is a 3-volume set of oversize books that span the continent of Asia. Ancient and beautiful traditions in Asia that are rapidly disappearing are recorded here in 9,000 images on 1,000 pages. The author has visited 35 countries in Asia and has travelled to the end of the road in its most remote places to capture the costumes, architecture, festivals, and lifestyles that are vanishing. The diverse cultures range from Turkey in the west to Japan in the east, from Siberia in the north to Indonesia in the south, and everything in between. Volume 1 covers West Asia, Volume 2 Central Asia, and Volume 3 East Asia. Every one of its 1,000 pages is uniquely designed, and every one of its 9,000 images is captioned. This is an ambitious and extreme passion project that the author/photographer has worked on for 49 years.  Many of the scenes depicted in the book are now gone from the world, and others are becoming rarer by the day. There is no other book like it.