There Might be a Moon or a Dog
Marc Vincenz

Paperback | Aug 2022 | Life Before Man | 9780645464832 | 176pp | 225x140mm | GEN | AUD$24.99, NZD$29.99

In There Might Be a Moon or a Dog, Anglo-Swiss-American poet Marc Vincenz takes us on an unexpected trip. We are lured into disarming circumstances blending despair with wonder, where philosophical queries prompt what ideas and events are trustworthy. The poems in this collection touch on past and present political and moral issues without appearing didactic. Vincenz’s voice does not speaks for ‘us’ or ‘them’. Instead, it speaks to us from behind a veil of irony and misdirection to convey stark truths.

‘In There Might be a Moon or a Dog, Marc Vincenz traverses real and imagined landscapes, his polymathic imagination effortlessly blending a number of themes and discourses. The personal, the historical, and the mythic merge in a such a way to suggest that life’s ironic juxtapositions, in some weird way, actually make sense. The phrase, 'Poetry can save us,' is an assertion that I’ve often found naïvely silly, that is, until I read this gift of a book.’ — Peter Johnson, editor of The Prose Poem: An International Journal