Resisting Neoliberalism in Education: Local, National and Transnational Perspectives, First Edition
Foreword by Kathleen Lynch, contributions by Carlos Vargas-Tamez, Lesley Hagger-Vaughan, Emily Winchip, Alison Milner, Howard Stevenson, Pamela Osmond, Keiko Yasukawa, Pia Cort, Anne Larson, Francesca Rapanà, Marcella Milana, Fergal Finnegan, Jo Bates, Katherine Quinn, Annmarie Sheahan, Mia Angelica Sosa-Provencio, Shawn Secatero, Shiv Desai, Bob Lingard, Zhe Chen, David Hursh, Christine Hall, Pat Thomson, Elisabeth Davies, Rachel Heydon, Lori Mckee, Lyn Tett, Rob Smith, Gwyneth Allatt, Vicky Duckworth, Virginie Thériault, edited by Lyn Tett, Mary Hamilton

Hardback | Aug 2019 | Policy Press | 9781447350057 | 248pp | 234x156mm | RFB | AUD$189.99, NZD$229.99

Neoliberalism has been widely criticised because of its role in prioritising 'free markets' as the optimum way of solving problems and organising society. In the field of education, this leads to an emphasis on the knowledge economy to the detriment of wider social and ethical goals in ways that reduce both persons and education to solely economic actors.

Drawing on an international range of contexts across informal, adult, school and university settings, this book provides innovative examples that show how neoliberalism in education can be challenged and changed at the local, national and transnational levels in order to foster a more democratic culture.

'Mary Hamilton and Lyn Tett's edition makes a most insightful contribution to our understanding of neoliberal education as well as how to resist it.' — Australian Universities Review

'The book is full of detailed evidence and of examples from everyday life… Pettinger shows, work is highly diverse, and the many different kinds of work are complicatedly interconnected.' — Citizen's Basic Income