Cooking with the Oldest Foods on Earth: Australian Native Foods Recipes and Sources, 1 Edition
John Newton

WINNER of the 2020 Gourmand Award for Innovation

Native produce business is booming and it's about to enter a new phase — Australian native ingredients are beginning to turn up in growers' markets and even local supermarkets. From Warrigal greens and saltbush, to kangaroo and yabbies — John Newton will inspire you to grab some and take it home.

This short companion book to the award-winning The Oldest Foods on Earth shows you how to cook with Australian ingredients, where to find them and how to grow them. Organised by ingredient, each chapter includes a brief history, a practical guide, and recipes for you to make in your very own kitchen. It promises to broaden Australians' culinary horizons in every way.

'This book is full of the information about Australian foods that your country refused to teach you. Here's your chance to fully appreciate your homeland.' — Bruce Pascoe

'Whether you have already experienced the taste of local foods or are yet to try them, this is a handy resource that aims to encourage more commonplace use of Australia's delicious and healthy native produce.' Gardening Australia