The Pocket Guide Series for Photographers

Nikon Z5: Pocket Guide: Buttons, Dials, Settings, Modes, and Shooting Tips
Rocky Nook

Spiral bound (B133) | Aug 2021 | Rocky Nook | 9781681987514 | 40pp | 130x88mm | RFB | AUD$24.99, NZD$29.99

Rocky Nook’s Pocket Guides are handy, ultra-portable, and quick to reference to help you get the shot when you’re out and about.

These pocket guides are designed for photographers who haven’t memorized every button, dial, setting, and feature on their Nikon Z5.

With a pre-shoot checklist and color coded tabs for easy reference to exactly what information you’re looking for, this pocket guide will act as your backup brain.

Customize your pre-shoot checklist so that you’ve got your preferred settings handy, and don’t worry if you switch them up, you can always access the pocket guide to correct or reset them.