Growing Up With A Bucket Full Of Happiness: Three Rules for a Happier Life, Second edition
Carol McCloud, illustrated by Penny Weber

Paperback (Trade paperback US) | 2nd edition | Oct 2020 | Bucket Fillers | 9780996099998 | 88pp | 229x152mm | GEN | AUD$16.99, NZD$21.99

Age range 10+ 

Growing Up With A Bucket Full Of Happiness advances the bucket-filling concept for pre-teens, teens, and adults. Growing Up breaks new ground through expanded language as it teaches the value of kindness, self-control, resilience, and forgiveness in a world that is not always kind. Readers gain a better understanding of all the ways they can fill and dip into buckets and how to use their lid to keep their own bucket full. Easy-to-read chapters, poignant illustrations, and daily self-reflection questions encourage readers to use their individual power of choice to be daily bucket fillers. Join the thousands of people of all ages and occupations who have read this book, taken the pledge, and practiced the daily skills to happier living.