Get Plants: How to bring green into your life
Katherine Price

Hardback | Jan 2018 | Kew Publishing | 9781842466278 | 240pp | 214x253mm | GEN | AUD$49.99

Nothing brings life to a room like a plant. And science suggests that they're good for us too, lifting our moods and making us healthier. But if your office is bare, your home lacking green — where do you start? 

Get Plants can help. Designed for beginners and those who don't think of themselves as gardeners, it's an accessible illustrated guide to bringing plants into your life. Katherine Price draws on the latest knowledge from Kew Gardens about cultivation and horticulture to show you how to make use of the different ecological niches in and around your home, from a shady basement stairwell to the sunniest of south-facing windowsills.

Exciting contemporary photography shows how plants can pep up your living space. From growing trees from seed to keeping your bromeliads topped up with water, Get Plants helps you understand what plants need and why — and what they can do for your living and working space. 

Don't be intimidated by gardening any more — open up Get Plants and get your green thumb working!