Gabi Veit: Creatura
Gabi Veit, Karin Dalle Torre, Maria Rosa Franzin, Nichka Marobin, Pravu Mazumdar, Schnuppe von Gwinner

Paperback | Oct 2019 | Arnoldsche | 9783897905559 | 160pp | 267x171mm | RFB | AUD$87.99, NZD$110.99

In her monograph Creatura | Geschöpf, the Bozenborn artist Gabi Veit takes an artistic stance on one of the most elementary cultural objects in the world: the spoon.

From basic geometric simplicity — the handle as a line and the bowl as a circle — she develops an overwhelming variety of metal objects that both raise and answer questions. Who gives and who receives, what can be taken and be taken from? It is a play on the symbolism of abundance and emptiness.

Each metal object is an expression of inexhaustible imagination and a playful engagement with the possibilities of design. The silver spoons have a head and a body, are handle and leg, are blossom, fruit and leaf. They march to a different tune and speak to one another as well as to the beholder and the user.

Each spoon tells a story.