Feminism and Protest Camps: Entanglements, Critiques and Re-imaginings, First Edition
Edited by Catherine Eschle, Alison Bartlett

Hardback | Jan 2023 | Bristol University Press | 9781529220162 | 224pp | 234x156mm | RFB | AUD$185.00, NZD$215.00

In the wake of a global wave of mobilisation, this book offers an unprecedented interrogation of protest camps as sites of gendered politics and feminist activism.

Using international case studies from Europe, UK, US, Turkey, Brazil, Australia and Taiwan, diverse contributors from academia and activist circles bring to light the recurrence of gendered, racialised and heteronormative inequality and violence in many of these camps and the continued struggle to re-make camps as feminist spaces.

Developing an intersectional feminist analysis of the possibilities and limitations of protest spaces, this book tells new and inspiring stories of feminist organising and agency.


  1. Introduction: Feminism/Protest Camps - Catherine Eschle and Alison Bartlett

Part I: Gendered Power and Identities in Protest Camps

2. Safe Spaces and Solidarity: Combating Gendered Violence in the US Occupy Encampments - Celeste Montoya

3. The Pu’u we Planted: Rebirthing Refuge at Mauna Kea - Māhealani Ahia and Kahala Johnson

4. ‘You Can’t Kill The Spirit’ (But You Can Try): Gendered Contestations and Contradictions at Menwith Hill Women’s Peace Camp - Finn Mackay

5. Women‘s Activism, Gendered Power and Postfeminism in Taiwan‘s ‘Sunflower Movement‘ - Chia-Ling Yang

Part II: Feminist Politics In and Through Protest Camps

6. The Feminist Movement in Turkey and the Women of the Gezi Park Protests - Yeşim Arat

7. Feminism and Protest Camps in Spain: From the Indignados to Feminist Encampments - Emma Gómez Nicolau

8. ‘Why the Compost Toilets?’ Ecofeminist (Re)Generations at the HoriZone Ecovillage - Joan Haran

Part III: Feminist Theorising and Protest Camps

9. Protest Camps as 'Homeplace': Social Reproduction In and Against Neoliberal Capitalism - Catherine Eschle

10. Project Democracy in Protest Camps: Caring, the Commons and Feminist Democratic Theory - Anastasia Kavada

11. Feminised and Decolonising Reoccupations, Re-Existencias and Escrevivências: Learning from Women’s Movement Collectives in North-Eastern Brazil - Sara C. Motta, Sandra Maria Gadelha de Carvalho, Claudiana Nogueira de Alcencar and Mila Nayane da Silva

Part IV: The Feminist Afterlives of Protest Camps

12. Feminism on Aboriginal Land: The 1983 Pine Gap Women’s Peace Camp, Central Australia - Alison Bartlett

13. Remembering an Eco/Feminist Peace Camp - Niamh Moore

14. Archiving US Occupy Encampments and their Feminist Tensions: Feminist Archiving for Contemporary ‘Big-Tent’ Social Movements - Heather McKee Hurwitz and Anne Kumer

15. Greenham Women Everywhere: A Feminist Experiment in Recreating Experience and Shaping Collective Memory - Kate Kerrow, Rebecca Mordan, Vanessa Pini and Jill (Ray) Raymond, with Alison Bartlett and Catherine Eschle

16. Conclusion: Rethinking Protest Camps, Rethinking Feminism - Catherine Eschle and Alison Bartlett