Felix Silver, Teaspoons & Witches
Harry Cook

Paperback (Trade paperback US) | Jan 2023 | Duet Books | 9781951954147 | 300pp | 203x133mm | GEN | AUD$19.99, NZD$22.99

Age range 12+

After his parents announce that his bizarre, emerging abilities are getting in the way of their divorce, Felix Silver relocates to Dorset Harbor and becomes the charge of his Grandma Aggie.

As Felix adjusts to life in a new school, Aggie decides that it's time he learn The Silver Way, and teaches him all she knows about sorcery and magical arts. When Felix and his new friends decide to solve the mystery of local teenagers who have gone missing, Felix learns that his crush, Aero, has a big secret.

Is dark magic creeping into the town, and can Felix learn enough from Aggie and the witches of Dorset Harbor to combat it?

From actor and author Harry Cook, Felix Silver is a charming and funny Golden GirlsmeetsHarry Potter YA fantasy adventure in the tradition of Rainbow Rowell's Carry On.

'Harry Cook’s Felix Silver, Teaspoons and Witches is a delightful brew of a book, and a beautiful reminder that there’s magic to be found in friendship, family, love, and mystery.' — Abdi Nazemian, author of Stonewall Honor Book Like a Love Story and The Chandler Legacie

'A needed elixir of queer empowerment and courage at a moment when it feels like dark forces are gathering in our world too, written with Cook’s signature optimism and hope.' — Steven Rowley, author of Lily and the Octopus, The Editor, and The Guncle

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'Cook’s heart to give young people a book that doesn’t shy away from the issues that affect them clearly comes through in this unique and heartfelt book.' — Chris Csabs, cofounder of SOGICE Survivors

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