Doris Bank: Table Art in Stoneware and Porcelain
Edited by Ute Kathrin Beck, contributions by Monika Fahn, Walter Lokau

Hardback | Oct 2021 | Arnoldsche | 9783897906150 | 112pp | 251x171mm | RFB | AUD$89.99, NZD$110.00

The works in porcelain and colourful shades of stoneware by Doris Banks might be modest and reduced in form, colour, and decoration yet they still possess a remarkable impact and presence.

All the objects are one-offs—modelled, formed, pressed, folded, glazed, and decorated by hand. As a result, the natural character of the material remains vivid. With a minimalist aesthetic beholden to Asia, the ceramic artist’s works are characterised by a virtuoso play of form and surface that allows a tactile experience of textures on the exterior surface.

This monograph is an in-depth appraisal not only of these works but also of an artist who despite her early death achieved remarkable things in studio ceramics.