Open Your Heart to Country

Jasmine Seymour

Age range 4+‘Welcome home lost childrenTo land singing you back homeListen to its languageLearn how to speak its song’From the award-winning creator of Baby Business (2019) and Cooee Mittigar (2019) comes a stunning bilingual story of healing and belonging.Told in English and Dharug, Open Your ...

Magabala Books
9781922613769, Hardback, AUD$24.99


V.E. Schwab
Titan Publishing Group
9781803360355, Paperback, AUD$32.99
9781785658686, Hardback, AUD$39.99

Wicked Beauty

Katee Robert
9781728231792, Paperback (Trade paperback US), AUD$26.99

Harvest Lingo

Lionel Fogarty
Giramondo Publishing
9781925336177, Paperback, AUD$25.00