Black, White and Exempt: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lives under Exemption

Edited by Lucinda Aberdeen, Jennifer Jones

In 1957, Ella Simon of Purfleet mission near Taree, New South Wales, applied for and was granted a certificate of exemption. Exemption gave her legal freedoms denied to other Indigenous Australians at that time: she could travel freely, open a ...

Aboriginal Studies Press
9781925302332, Paperback, AUD$39.95

Aesop's Fables

Illustrated by Agnes Miller Parker, translated by V.S. Vernon Jones and others
Bodleian Library
9781851245376, Hardback, AUD$59.99


Patricia Cornwell
Thomas & Mercer
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Reynard the Fox

Anne Louise Avery
Bodleian Library
9781851245550, Hardback (B304), AUD$39.99