Digby & Claude

Emma Allen, illustrated by Hannah Sommerville

Age range: 5+"One autumn, change came to Main Street …"Digby's street is soon going to look different – old houses are going to be demolished and new apartments will be built. Digby loves Main Street but he isn't sure ...

National Library of Australia
9780642279279, Hardback, AUD$14.99

The Word

William Lane
Transit Lounge
9781925760088, Paperback, AUD$29.99


V. E Schwab
Titan Publishing Group
9781785658631, Paperback, AUD$18.99

The Forest

Riccardo Bozzi, illustrated by Violeta Lopiz, Valerio Vidali
Enchanted Lion Books
9781592702183, Paperback (Trade paperback US), AUD$34.99